The Navsari District Chamber Of Commerce & Industry


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Navsari district is located in the south eastern part of Gujarat state in the coastal lowland along Purna river. The district has 5 talukas of which Navsari, Gandevi, and Chikhli are major talukas. The district abounds in sugarcane fields, chikoo plantations, and mango trees. Navsari is known for its floriculture activities and sugar business. The focus sectors of the district are agro & food processing industries, textiles, drugs & pharmaceuticals, mineral related industries, and marine based industries. Famous historical place Dandi and Vansda National Park are located in Navsari.

District Profile


Navsari district is located between 20°.07- 21 ° .00 north longitudes and 72°.43 -73°.00 east latitudes.It is a coastal district open to the Arabian Sea from west and is bounded by Valsad district on the north. On the east, it is contiguous to Dang district in Gujarat. Navsari district was craved out on the erstwhile - nified Valsad district with effect from 2nd October, 1997.

Infrastructure Facility

Infrastructure facilities are very important for industrial development. The industrialization can not take place in the absence of infrastructural facilities. The infrastructural facilities include availability of developed roads, power, water, communication, transport (including Railway), technical institutions, industrial estates, banking facilities etc. In Navsari district, the existing facilities are elaborated as under.